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Hi my lovely lollipops!

It’s been toooooooooooo long!

The 9-5 hasn’t let me be great…lots of boring meetings (shhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone I said so), but those bills wouldn’t pay themselves now, would they?

My outfit is totally unrelated to  the tv show OITNB, well except for the fact that I’m indeed wearing orange and black…

There’s nothing like a snug dress and killer shoes to make you feel like you’re ready to go conquer your word and that is exactly how I feel at the moment….(except I’ve been told by that I look like a school nurse with my hair pulled back…*sniff*)


P:S; Excuse my hairy legs!

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What I’m Wearing

Dress: Ayaba (POR)

Shoes: ASOS

Glasses: Miu miu

Watch: Michael Kors

Accessories: Who keeps track of these things

Bag: Nameless



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