The Little White Dress (LWD)







Hi Sugarcones,


I’ve been away for tooooooooooooooooooo long! Got so tied up these past couple of weeks but thankfully, I’m here now bringing you my little style secret.


The LWD. The Little White dress.


Now a lot of you are taken with the LBD (little black dress), but I’ve often found that whatever fashion statement you want to make with black, you can make twice as much with white. You see there’s something so demure and classy about the color white…don’t even let me get started on my love for white…I could write an ode!


We all know Saturdays are officially ordained Owambe Days and you’ve got one event or the other to attend to, hope you’re inspired by this outfit.



prison-62_1 prison-65-3_1 prison-78-3_1prison-84-2_1

Outfit Details:


Accesories: My Closet

Shoes: Mum’s Vintage Prada Sandals

Purse: Can’t remember TBH

Lipstick: Ruby Woo


Photography By Adewale Yusuf for OneDot Phptography


Live. Love. Style.



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