Love And The Floral Two-Piece

Hi Guys,

The other day, I got the most lovely floral fabric for my side chic Yates, and we couldn’t decide on what to make with it.

“Twist Iro and Buba”, I said.

“Nahhhh…too random!”

“A dress maybe?”

“Hmmn but what style??” She said

After going through a ton of styles, we settled on the 2 piece Palazzo Pants and matching blouse and it turned out Spectacular!!!

I styled her for an event with le boo last week and they looked au parfait!

Love them!!!




image (2)








Outfit Details

Two-piece Pant and Top: AYABA (POR)

Shoes: Zara

Purse: Zara

Watch: Burberry

Bracelet: Cartier

Necklace: Eden Jewellery (@eden_jewellery)


Live, Love, Style





  1. Yaaaay ! First To Comment…. Now Listen to My Comment….Wait 1 Na Only Me Waka Come Here oo thats why i am the first to comment….Guess What i like ? Theeeeeee Television is Lovely………….Nice Outfit tooooo tho.. Oshey…wwww.stylebyayaba Dats All !

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