Bringing Sexy B(l)ack


Hi my hot fluffy puffpuffs,

TGIF somebody???!!!!!!!! No? Nobody?…ok then (mutters TGIF anyway)

So I had been wondering what to blog about today and then…light bulb moment!…why not blog about what to wear to an event seeing as tomorrow is Saturday AKA National Owambe Day.

Anyway back to the matter (open and close..) there’s just something absolutely sexy about black, when it’s coordinate properly of course. Now I know a lot of people say..“don’t wear black to my wedding…yada yada yada”, wanna know my thoughts? There are no color codes to making the perfect guest. If you have a smashing blinging neon green outfit, by all means ROCK ON!!!

Here’s an attire I put together to suit any weekend event, could be a wedding, a comedy show, music concert, a play, birthday or anniversary name it!

DSC_0028 IMG_0094 IMG_0097 IMG_0103 IMG_6629 IMG_6631


Outfit Details

Hi-Lo Leather and Lace crop: Ayaba (POR)

Sequins Skirt: Ayaba (POR)

Sandals: Asos

Watch: Michael Kors

Earrings: My Jewelry Box

Lipstick: Mac Hug Me stained with Zaron Fussy Fusha Pencil


Photography by Martins for May16th Photography


Go forth and rock your weekend!!!






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