Perfectly Imperfect

Image Hi Guys, Trust you’ve had a great day. I sure did…partly because I was reminded again of God’s love for me. You see he doesn’t care that I’m a size 6 or a B cup, he couldn’t care less about my raspy laugh or that I have a bad phone habit..He thinks I’m the bombdigiddy.. To him I’m perfectly imperfect. And so is the theme of my post today. Starting from the weather which wasn’t a photographer’s delight, to my dress which got creased up to the sticker i forgot to take off my sandals and the strap of my sandals which was at a crooked angle, all these imperfections made the total outcome of the pictures absolutely perfect to me. Enjoy. tomiwa9_1 tomiwa5_1





Dress: AYABA (POR)

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Watch: Michael Kors

Purse: Select

Lipstick: Ruby Woo


Photography by Adewale Yusuf of






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