Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY (because I know what you are thinking…boy…girl…wedding bells? That’s what I Thought too)

Now that we have that fully out of the way, may I regale my tale (notice what I did there “regale my tale”?) That’s me for you, ever the rhymesmeister -_-

Now everyone that knows me knows that I love the fine things of life. Emphasis on fine, if you naamean 😉

Which leads me to the topic of this piece.

White native Brotha.

Brotha. Was. Fine!

You know that DB Woodside/Chris Attoh come jam Tyrese kinda flavor. Now picture that chocolate lay goodness in pristine, immaculate, well starched and ironed white native. Ladies can I get an Amen!

Which is exactly what I said when I saw him in church that Sunday. Amen!

And so the chase began. As I entered the service hall WNB(White native Brotha) in full view, a line from the song the choir was singing perfectly described what was on my mind. “Wherever you lead I’ll follow..”. And so when my friend who accompanied me started to direct me towards the right wing of the church away from WNB, I all but dragged her to the opposite direction. Oh I was definitely keeping this one within my eye view.

At this point let me say this isn’t my usual custom. I go to church for the sole purpose of praising God. It just happened that I was sidetracked momentarily this one time.

Now before you go ahead to judge me, let he/she who hasn’t scoped a Brotha/sister in church be the first to cast a stone *dodges rain of stones*. Anyway where was I? After what must have been 3 hours (that’s how long the service lasts) it was time to make a decision.

Should I go, should I stay?

Do I make a move, what do I say?

and as I headed for WNB, armed with my opening line, I faltered as I saw him walk across to a lady; “sister Joke, ow hare you? Hi didn’t see you in church last Sunday, ope no problem”, he said, and I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces.

When I said I liked the fine things of life, that included diction. You don’t have to speak with an accent but H, R, TH, Z(like our dear tonto dike) or any other factors is a deal breaker.

Shame. The chase ended before it began.


Now whenever I see a WNB, I calm my racing heart and remind myself that this is Lagos where there’s more than meets th e eyes.

Welcome to Lagos, the City of Packaging.


Live. Love. Style.

xoxo A!


One last thing, we are really loving this WNB in his outfit by AYABA 😉





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