Hi I’m Tomiwa, but everyone calls me Ayaba.

Welcome to the colorful world of me.

photo (5)

I own one of Nigeria’s fast growing dynamic fashion brands called AYABA (like my name, cliche I know but when you think of Gucci, Prada, Ayaba just fits right in! 😉

I’d been told one too many times to start a fashion blog, however for some reason I can’t quite place (AKA laziness) I didn’t quite get to it until now (better late right?)..And so daiz how me sef, I’ve joined the group of awon Fashion Bloggers that tease you with snippets of outfits and finish off with “Details on the blog”. Anyway we thank the Lord!

Along the line of this beautiful journey I’ve begun, you may be bewildered, courted,stunned, impressed, confused, delighted, and all together blown away but I promise you’ll never be bored (Scout’s Honor!)

So sit back and tighten your seat belts…This is just the beginning.

*Curtain Opens*

…Oh before I go, let me share a little story of the day I wore this dress, I happened to come across some Igbo traders (don’t ask where) who looked at me in shock as they couldn’t understand the outfit and shouted “nna wan fly!”

photo (4)



Dress: Ayaba Violet Sheathe (POR)

Shoes: Can’t Remember, nothing significant.

Earrings: Fantastic steal at a trade fair in Ibadan 

Purse: BigSister’s Closet

Watch: Michael Kors (you’ll be seeing a lot of it)

Sunglasses: Present from my Ewami

Hair: Patrick Bobby’s..well formerly.


That’s all folks…until the next post,






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